"An essential tool to speed up your recovery from sport injury and orthopaedic surgery"

★★★★★ +4,000 satisfied customers

Clinically effective cryotherapy

Fast-track injury or surgical healing

Reduce swelling and inflammation

Relieves pain without reliance on medications


'An investment for life!'

I got hit by a car at 17 and have gone through 23 knee surgeries and countless ice packs. RE3 ice packs are the best investment I ever made for my health

Phil Stephens | Verified Customer

Reduces Swelling & Inflammation Naturally!

The RE3 compression pack has integrated advanced cryotherapy technology to help reduce swelling and pain, promote healing and recovery

While common gel packs may provide some level of comfort and relief, most will not reduce the temperature of the skin to below 13 degrees and be attached to the body in a way that is clinically effective like the RE3 Ice Compression Pack


No Mess & Pure Cold Recovery For Hours

Unlike frozen peas packs or other ice packs on the market, the RE3 will stay cold for hours before needing to be replaced!

You can sit back and relax while treating the injury site without worrying about mess or leakage.

Designed To Accelerate Injury & Surgical Recovery

This RE3 surgical value pack is specifically designed to accelerate recovery from surgery. It uses techniques adopted from professional athletes, elite coaches and sports physicians to reduce pain and inflammation. It allows you to progress to rehab and mobility exercises earlier

It’s perfect for knee, arm and leg injuries, including knee arthroscopy, meniscus repair, ACL, MCL reconstructions & total knee replacement.


Backed By Thousands of Happy Customers

The RE3 ice compression pack has been used by orthopaedic surgeons and physical therapists to help patients recover from surgery.

It is highly recommended for its effectiveness in helping you get back on your feet again!


Ice Compression Pack


1 x Knee/Arm/Leg Compression Brace
1 x Ice Core Blanket
1 x High Quality Travel Case


Incredibly Fast Shipping




2 x Knee/Arm/Leg Compression Brace
4 x Ice Core Blanket
2 x High Quality Travel Case

RRP $318.00


Incredibly Fast Shipping


Full Body Value Pack


2 x Knee/Arm/Leg Brace
2 x Ankle Brace
1 x Back Brace
1 x Shoulder Brace
12 x Ice Core Blankets

RRP $945.00


Out of stock :(

Incredibly Fast Shipping

Quick. Comfortable. Convenient

A simple but effective system for recovery

Freeze ice blankets straight after arrival

Insert frozen ice blanket into brace

Wrap around injury site and relax

Why choose RE3?


If you don't love it, we'll refund you – no questions asked.


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Is ice/cryotherapy useful for acute injuries?

Yes. Ice application reduces the body’s tissue temperature.
When the tissue temperature is kept at around 10 degrees celsius, there is an immediate reduction of oxygen flow, inflammation, muscle spasm and pain.

By applying ice within the first 48 hours of injury can help to minimise the swelling and therefore assist with controlling the associated pain.

This product is targeted for muscle groups in the knee, arm and leg. Its versatility means it can be used for a range of surgery, acute and chronic injuries, including:

- ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) reconstruction
- MCL (medial collateral ligament) reconstruction
- Torn meniscus
- Total knee replacement
- Knee reconstruction

Is this product safe to use post surgery?

Yes , absolutely our products are safe to use post surgery.

We created the post surgical value pack specifically upon request by our referring orthopaedic surgeons.

Can I ice my chronic injury?

The RE3 Ice Compression pack will be able to assist with inflammation connected to overuse injuries and chronic pain.

Please note never to ice a chronic injury before activity.

What makes RE3 compression unique?

While common gel packs may provide some level of comfort and relief, most will not reduce the temperature of the skin to below 13 degrees.

Other packs using ice cannot be attached to the body in a way that is clinically effective. At RE3 our ice compression pack is designed to hold enough energy to be clinically effective but also offer comfort and mobility.

The pack is fully self-contained. All in all, we just make icing easy.

  • - The compression brace is fully adjustable and wraps around your injury. No need to pull it over painful swelling.
  • - Velcro doesn’t attach to a specific point, so you can fasten the compression brace firmly. It’s truly one size fits all.
  • - Fully self-contained ice pack. This means no leaks, no dripping water and no mess in your sporting bag.
  • - Ice pack stays colder for longer. You can take it on the go and know it’s still effective several hours later.
  • - Designed, prototyped and tested in Melbourne. We ship all our products daily from our warehouse in Port Melbourne.


How do I know it will fit me?

We’ve never met a body we can’t fit. All of our products have been designed to fit everybody.

The “cold source” (ice core blanket) can be positioned on the affected area and then fastened tightly by the fully adjustable compression brace (with low profile, high quality velcro).

Knee/Leg/ArmIce Core Blanket 26cm x 26cm and Compression Brace 1m circumference.

How long does the Ice Core Blanket take to freeze?

We suggest putting the ice core blanket into the freezer as soon as you receive it and keeping it in overnight before the first use.

We recommend always keeping the spare blanket flat in the freezer when not being used.

How long can I keep the brace on for?

Everyone is different, just as different areas of the body respond at individual times to icing.

As a general rule we recommend checking the iced area every 5 minutes once the compression brace is first applied. If your aim is to reduce the tissue temperature at an injury site, then the depth of that injury will need to be considered in the length of time the ice is applied.

NOTE: Remove the compression pack immediately if the injury appears bright pink or red (a significant change in colour from before attached the brace, indicating ice burn).