With Lorraine Magasanik

Movement at any age

Movement is Lorraine Magasanik’s lifeblood. She’s been an athlete all her life and a pilates instructor for 14 years, and says staying active is her secret weapon for being strong and mobile well into her 50s. Her other secret weapon? RE3.

"Icing is something that I often advise my clients to do.”

Throughout Lorraine’s career as a pilates instructor she has had the privilege of helping thousands of clients discover the transformative power of mindful movement. From those gracefully navigating their 70s to those dealing with chronic pain, injuries or the aches of ageing—many of her clients experience pain. Lorraine uses RE3 herself for instant relief and improved mobility before a class, and also recommends it to students to help manage chronic or acute injuries. 

Lorraine’s recovery system

"Whether you're an athlete, a parent, or simply maintaining movement as you age, RE3's ingenious design is perfect for busy lives."

RE3 is a game-changer

Lorraine has been teaching pilates for years and practising for many more. Other ice packs she’s tried to help soothe soreness or manage pain have been no match for her RE3 Wrist Pack. The flexible form and fully adjustable velcro straps make applying cold compression comfortable and easy no matter your age or mobility. Being able to recommend RE3 to Lorraine’s older clients has been a game-changer, helping them reduce joint inflammation, manage pain and maintain regular movement.

The RE3 System
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